Department of Computer Science Engineering

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was formally established in the year academic year 2012. It has evolved as a comprehensive student-centric approach designed to add significant value to the learner in an integrated manner through lab sessions, assignments, trainings, seminars, and independent study. The department is gifted with very young, energetic and committed faculty members to guide the students in all the aspects.


  1. Computer Practice Lab -I
  2. Computer Practice Lab -II
  3. Programming and Data Structures Lab-I
  4. Programming and Data Structures Lab-II
  5. Data Structures Lab
  6. Object Oriented Programming Lab
  7. Operating System Lab
  8. Database Management System Lab
  9. Internet Programming Lab
  10. Mobile Application Development Lab
  11. Case Tools Lab
  12. Compiler Design Lab
  13. Security Lab
  14. Grid and Cloud Computing Lab